Lancia Delta Integrale door handle repair

Every Lancia Delta 1 with chassis code 831 is equipped with a door handle with a weak design. The door handle consists of a plastic back plate in which a metal lever transmits the transmission of the ‘open’ command to the mechanical door lock. The weak part of the construction is in the grip with which the hand movement is transferred to the metal lever. That handle consists of two parts, a plastic base surrounded by a thin sheet of aluminum, purely for the finish. The regular Deltas have a chrome/polished aluminum version, and the Integrales have a black lacquered aluminum finish.

Over time, the plastic dries out and the hand movement can no longer be transferred properly to the siphon. One time the plastic part breaks off, another time the fit slips and there is no movement in the lever.

Fortunately, there is a good solution available in our shop.

The product video below shows a few examples of broken handles and explains how our repair part can be mounted.

It is logically recommended to order a set of 4 because of the uniform look of the handles.

You will find the product here:
RG00100001 door handle repair part