Lancia Ypsilon elephant logo repair

The Lancia Ypsilon chassis code 840 with construction years between 1995 and 2000 has an Elefantino Rosso (red) and an Elefantino Blu (blue). These versions are equipped with a blue or red elephant on the B-pillar on the flanks. Like so many of the Lancia badges, this type of logo suffers from weathering and eventually water gets between the chrome contour with back plate and the colored part inside.

We have developed a nice solution for both the red and the blue version together with 1 of our suppliers. The repair part is a red or blue elephant that exactly fits the original chrome contour.

So keep the old logo, remove all remnants of the old colored part and make sure that the surface of the chrome part is without irregularities and completely clean and free of grease. Then the repair part can simply be stuck in the recess like a sticker.

The replacement part is produced with a different technique and will suffer much less from weathering by sun or water. This way the logo will last for years and has its old look back!